British Gas Contact Telephone Number

0843 658 0878

Why Might I Call the British Gas Contact Phone Number?british gas contact telephone number

  • General gas and electricity enquiries or gas safety concerns
  • Insurance that will cover gas and electricity products
  • Register For Warm Home Discount

What Do British Gas Do?

British Gas is a UK provider of energy and home services. It’s the biggest supplier of its type in Britain. They offer a variety of tariffs for people who need gas and electricity in their home as well as insurance to cover any maintenance that might be required. They look after Boilers and central heating, Plumbing and drains, solar paneling as well as home appliance services and of course supplying energy.

Energy Smart can also be added on top of your tariff. This is an online service that you can access via your desktop, smartphone or tablet. It provides detailed information about your energy usage and where you might be able to reduce it.

In the wintertime, furthermore, British Gas will also be offering a Warm Home Discount to several demographics of customers to provide support to those who may struggle to pay their bills. In order to qualify for the Warm Home Discount you might be receiving State Pension Credit, income support or Jobseekers’ Allowance. You may also be illegible if your household income is less than £16,190 a year and/or the account holder is living with a person suffering a disability, who is under the age of five or someone who is aged 62 or over. Contact British Gas for more information.

The British Gas telephone number must also be dialed if you are concerned about the safety of your gas supply. This is a rare event, but the most common safety breach is Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This can be similar to flu with symptoms that include dizziness, headaches and nausea. If these occur only in one specific area of your house contact British Gas for help getting the issue resolved.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm. Saturdays: 8am – 6pm. The British Gas phone line is closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

A history of British Gas

British Gas is the fourth national gas company in succession. The company began as the Gas Light and Coke  Company in 1812, this was succeeded by the Area Gas Boards in 1948 which was then succeeded by the British Gas Corporation in 1973. British Gas was then formed in 1986 following a series of national privatizations led by Margaret Thatcher which included the privatization of what was then the British Gas Corporation following the introduction of the 1986 Gas Act. The company floated on the stock exchange in the same year. In 1996 the gas supply markets were opened up to competition, this led to major restructuring or British Gas into five major divisions:

  • Domestic gas supplies
  • Business supplies
  • Transportation and storage of gas
  • Services
  • Retail

British Gas Accused of Scamming Customers After Sending Out False Bills

November 27th 2014

British Gas has been accused of scamming thousands of its customers after bills that were later found to be false were mailed out.

The bills were described as being printed on strange shiny paper, and having the wrong account number for each customer at the top of the page. One customer, a Ms Pearce of Hillside Veterinary Centre in Corfe Mullen, said her accountant compared the ‘bill’ with an older statement and noticed various differences, including the phone number to call.

The paper was really shiny, which did not look right; the account number was wrong and [the accountant] knew we didn’t owe any money,”

Ms. Pearce said.

The bills were discovered to be false when an internet search revealed the phone number to be a premium rate phone line. Ms Pearce said she made the decision to contact British Gas directly before contacting Action Fraud.

A spokeswoman from British Gas explained that the suspicious-looking letters had been mailed out from ‘another part of British Gas’ and were the result of an ‘incorrect data file’.

She said:

We believe the surgery has called another part of British Gas instead of the area of British Gas where this has come from, hence leading to the confusion.

We are also aware that some of our customers have contacted Action Fraud.”

Action Fraud later said that no crime had been committed so did not decide to file a report.

Meanwhile, British Gas is among several other energy suppliers who must repay 1.5 million households who were overcharged by their prepayment gas meter bills. The mistake was made by the meters installed in 2007, which Energy UK reports were not set properly.

Hive Brings Smart-Heating Onto The UK High Street

April 15th, 2014

Contact British GasBritish Gas’ Hive system is the latest smart-heating technology to help bring the concept of smart-heating onto the high street and into our homes.

It is a viable competitor for Google’s Nest, which was released late last year and goes as far as learning your heating habits so users don’t need to programme it. Hive from British Gas delivers a similar performance and may just help you to save considerable money on your heating bills.

For £199 (with installation; £149 without), Hive is a more economical  choice than the Nest and includes the Hive hub, a wireless thermostat and a boiler control unit. There are two types of Hive available – one for hot water and heating, and one for heating only.

With Hive you are able to have four temperature settings in a day, as well as four on/off moments for your hot water. Using the browser interface, users can drag and drop timers for the initial setup, but then maintain this via the Hive app, which they can access via their smartphone.

Their Hive system connects to their home network and the wider internet using a low-power wireless connection, so they are free to control it from wherever they are. Using the app, users are able to forward the thermostat to the next event in their schedule, manually control it or simply turn it off.

Additional features include notifications for maximum and minimum temperatures (programmable) and a frost-protection minimum of 5 degrees Celsius to stop pipes bursting in the winter.

Whilst it doesn’t come with the weather, humidity or activity sensors that Nest boasts, Hive could certainly be a lucrative way to heat your home exactly how you want it, whilst making huge savings over time.

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