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British Airways

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Opening Times for British Airways

Day Opens Closes
Monday 7.30am 9.45pm
Tuesday 7.30am 9.45pm
Wednesday 7.30am 9.45pm
Thursday 7.30am 9.45pm
Friday 7.30am 9.45pm
Saturday 7.30am 9.45pm
Sunday 7.30am 9.45pm
British Airways
British Airways Plc.
Waterside PO Box 365

0843 208 2389

Get in touch with British Airways by phoning the number 0843 208 2389, when you call this number you can contact the Executive Club, talk about bookings, make a booking, find out about refunds and more.

British Airways Contact Numbers

Expedia Number
Customer services 0843 208 2389
British Airways Executive Club Contact 0844 249 2411
Changes to bookings 0844 249 2413
Refund enquiry 0844 249 2414
Make a booking 0844 249 2415
British Airways Lost Baggage 0843 208 2389
British Airways Waterside 0844 453 0235

Customer services

Call the contact number 0843 208 2389 to get through to the British Airways contact who can help with any questions you have. You can phone this number to listen to the automated flight information to get a check on a flight that you’re taking soon.

If you need to call about a recent trip you have taken you phone the number above to discuss any issues that may have arisen.

British Airways Executive Club Contact

The British Airways Executive Club Contact number is 0844 249 2411, when you call this number you find out about the Executive Club, how to join and what the benefits are.

If you are already part of the Executive Club you can contact British Airways on the number above to make new bookings or price enquiries using your Avios or American Express Vouchers.

If you have questions about your Avios balance, statement queries or would like to update the personal information held on your British Airways Executive Club you can get in touch on the number above.

For questions relating to missing Avios from flown flights or partner purchases you can get in touch on the number above, as well as any enquiries about date or destination changes of existing bookings.

Changes to bookings

Call the number 0844 249 2413 to make changes to your British Airways booking. When you phone this number the customer advisor will need your booking number to access your details and can then find out if they can assist with making changes needed. You can phone this number if you would like to make a change to the hotel you’re staying in if you booked it with BA, you can also use this number to make changes to your flight or inquire about upgrading on your flight.

Refund enquiry

Enquire about a refund by phoning the number 0844 249 2414. When you call this number you can explain as to why you need a refund, and depending on your circumstances the advisor can talk you through why you can or can’t have one. There are certain criteria that must be met to get a refund with British Airways and you will have to meet them in order to have one on your flight.

Make a booking

To make a new booking with British Airways you can call the number 0844 249 2415. When you phone this number they will be able to help you make new bookings, whether it’s just for flights, or you need additional bookings of a hotel and car hire too. When you phone this number it’s best to call with a destination and date in mind so the advisor can help to narrow down the search and help you find the best possible price. When you call you will need a credit or debit card to process the booking.

If you would just like to find out details of prices and availability you can also phone this number to get figures for upcoming trips you are planning to take.

British Airways Lost Baggage

If you’ve lost baggage whilst on a British Airways flight you can phone the number 0843 208 2389 to make a record of your lost baggage, however, it’s always best to make sure that you report your lost luggage in the airport at your destination too.

You can phone this number if you’re looking for an update on your lost baggage and would like to find out if the items have been found, as well as an estimate of how long you can expect to wait for your lost baggage to be returned to you.

If you have received your lost baggage, and you would like to report that something is wrong or missing from your luggage, you can also phone this number to make a report of this.

British Airways Waterside

Phone the number 0844 453 0235 to get through to the British Airways Waterside office. You can phone the head office number if you would like to ask questions if you are a Waterside resident. You can also phone this number to find out further details about recruitment from British Airways and the different jobs that are available with them. If you have any company queries, would like to find out the names of directors or customer queries you can also ring this number to get in touch with the right people who can assist you.

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