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Barclays Complaints Number – 0843 557 3371

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Barclays

Day Opens Closes
Monday 09.00 17.00
Tuesday 09.00 17.00
Wednesday 09.00 17.00
Thursday 09.00 17.00
Friday 09.00 17.00
Saturday 09.00 17.00
Sunday 09.00 17.00
1 Churchill Place,
Canary Wharf,
E14 5HP
  • Unique Business Identification Word: Barclays
  • Number of the Barclays Headquarters: 0843 557 3371
  • Operating Hours: 09.00 – 17.00
  • Location: 1 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HP.
  • Website:
 barclays phone numbers
A UK-based bank operating all across the world from its headquarters in Canary Wharf, London – often called “The Financial Capital of the World” by industry insiders and reporters, Barclays takes the cake. From there, the international financial powerhouse that is Barclays provides a range of services and financial expertise, including personal bank accounts and debit cards and credit management, mortgages, debt management, wealth management services, financial advice, insurance and savings.
Barclays manages to do this by separating its internal operations into four separate and equal sections; four heads on the one dragon, so to speak. The bank is split into individual-level banking (or “personal” banking) and corporate or business banking, credit cards – sometimes called the Barclaycard Wing – Wealth Management and Investing, and Barclays Africa, its own division due to the size of Africa (at the time of writing, Africa is very large). As it is a UK bank, Barclays can be found on the LSE, as well as the NYSE. At the time of writing, it is among the UK’s most popular and successful banks.

A Few Useful Barclays Numbers

Barclays Connection Numerals Operating Times
Barclays Contact 0843 557 5015 24/7
Barclays Head Office Phone Line 0843 557 4385 9am-7pm
Barclays Personal Banking Contact 0843 557 4393 24/7
Banking Via A Telephone With Barclays 0843 557 4611 24/7
Business Accounts with Barclays 0844 826 8019 24/7
Investing and Wealth Management Services 0844 453 0255 24/7
Barclays Complaints 0843 290 7189 24/7

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Barclays departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Barclays Contact – 0843 557 5015

The customer service departments at Barclays are world-renowned for their excellent service and dedication to their customers. Full to the brim with interconnected staff, all of whom are able to access the impressive Barclays computer system, connecting them to every aspect of Barclays and its databases, and giving them unprecedented abilities in information gathering, communications and knowledge that they can use to help their clients at every stage of the customer service process.

Equipped as they are with the highest-end available training, equipment and communications technology, the customer service department at Barclays are able to divine the solution to any question you may wish to ask them, able to resolve any problem that you bring before them, and able to transfer you seamlessly to the other, specialist departments of the Barclays head office if your enquiry or problem becomes too intense for them to handle. This is especially prudent in banking, where specialist intervention is often required and the stakes are sometimes high indeed – at the individual level and in terms of large-scale corporate banking, or, apparently, the banking for the entire continent of Africa, since that’s a department of Barclays.

In any case, these experts on the other end of the Barclays customer service line can help you with a range of banking-related issues, including personal and current account banking, credit cards and their associated management – plus the management of your credit rating as a whole – as well as loans, mortgages and debt management services, investments and wealth management, inheritance, corporate banking, business banking, saving, and alternative banking methods from online banking to telephone banking.

The customer service staff at Barclays are also able to resolve a range of problems as they pertain to security, such as compromised account information, lost cards, theft, fraud, identity theft, or stolen credit and debit cards – able to quickly prevent further damage from being done and transfer through to the investigative wing, which shall forthwith look further into the untoward activity.

The Barclays customer service staff are also experienced technical troubleshooters, able to help with any technical or technological nightmare you may currently be having, from telephone banking to internet banking and back again. As stated above, their access to the deepest, darkest secrets of the Barclays technical encyclopaedia allows them to resolve any problem and answer any technical question going. Should you be planning on travelling abroad, you may wish to call the Barclays customer service team to espouse to them your plans, to prevent your card being cancelled as an automatic security feature.

Lastly, you can contact the Barclays customer services telephone contact line if you experience any trouble with making a payment or transferring money – the Barclays contact number might have the capacity to help.

Barclays Head Office Phone Line – 0843 557 4385

Based on Canary Wharf in London – in the “Jewel of the Southeast”, the city of London, is Barclays. It is a sky-high monument to the glory of Barclays, a spire of stone and glass reaching up into the sun, housing the greatest bunch of Barclays employees in the world. Originally distributed in a nebulous cloud over London, the Barclays headquarters coalesced out of the mist in 2005, when the company set up its skyscraper and began to work as a unit; putting all its London eggs in one Head Office Basket.

Built especially for Barclays, it stands more than thirty stories tall, every story of which is crammed with experts and specialists, all dedicated to helping you. With a range of departments including personal banking, accountants, busy workers, bean counters, actuaries, corporate banking, human resources, finances and investments. If you’re after any particular department, you can enjoy speaking to them by calling that number listed, and asking for that department – or, if you prefer going with the flow, you can simply present your problem and wait for nature to take its course. You will be connected to the department you’re looking for if that’s the one you need.

Barclays Personal Banking Contact – 0843 557 4393

If you are an everyday or “personal” banking customer of Barclays, then the odds are greater than not that you will eventually, for whatever reason, have to speak to the contact number to reach customer services, for some reason. You may forget your PIN, lose your card, or require help setting up your account in the first place, or you may simply want to call to confirm some details or ask a few questions. We aren’t judging. If you have any trouble concerning payment, even if it is just a little hassle when you’re sorting your monthly subscriptions, making a one-off cash payment to a lady… friend or sending your stepson some money to keep his band afloat for another week, you can call the Barclays customer service number for help. The staff on the other end are trained customer service professionals, experts at what they do, and they are connected to the Barclays web, a network of interplanetary communications technology allowing Barclays staff to work perfectly with one another, like ants in a colony or cells of one greater creature. This network means that Barclays staff can access all the information they need at any given time, find technical specifications and detailed documents in a heartbeat, communicate with experts and keep you on hold with barely a thought – it is, simply put, Barclays Omniscience. Any information held by the bank that can be used to help resolve your problems is at their fingertips, providing them with a unique ability where you are concerned: the ability to sort you out good and proper.

You may also wish to call for other reasons, like upgrading a standard account to a tippy-top rate premium-rate gold-plated star-spangled Premier Account, or activating additional services like credit cards, credit management, taking out a loan or a mortgage, or moving from one bank to another. You may also wish to zap the Barclays customer service department to register an emergency shutdown of your account in the event of identity theft, report a disappeared card, or report suspicious activity that you suspect to be fraudulent, whether or not it has anything to do with you, as is your civic duty. This service kicks in automatically in some instances, such as if your card is used for a large expense or a series of expenses abroad without prior notice that you were travelling to that country – this is simply to save you from the horrors of identity theft, and if it occurs to you by accident, you can resolve it with a quick call to the Barclays customer service department.

Banking Via A Telephone With Barclays – 0843 557 4611

Barclays is always available for banking via the magic of telephone communications – there is never a time when the service is not available. No matter the time of day or night, no matter the day, no matter the month, no matter the phase of the moon, no matter the asteroid growing in size in the sky – the Barclays telephone banking line is available for you to call. If you need to check your balance on Christmas Day, that’s fine. Hannukkah? Fine. Eid? Go for it. There is literally never a time when the line is closed to the customer.

Completely secure from end to end, to Barclays telephone banking service is automated to prevent human intervention, and you’ll never need to speak to an advisor to access your accounts – but, should you become frantic in the absence of the soothing tones of a human voice instead of the accurate, precise, yet unfeeling voice of the robot, you may at any time resolve this discrepancy with a push of the 0 key. However, in order to access telephone banking at any level, you will need to register, preferably in-branch at your nearest Barclays, or in one of those mobile branches that are an armoured car with a desk in the back, if Barclays do that – it might just be Natwest that drives those around. If Barclays does do those, then presumably you can register for telephone banking there, too.

Once you’re registered and set up for telephone banking, you can use it to listen to the balance, pay off your credit cards, find out information about your account or make transfers from one account you own to another account you own. If you do choose to contact a branch executive customer service agent personnel individual, your choices expand dramatically, and begin to resemble the choices available to one who is standing in a physical branch of Barclays, rather than simply standing in their kitchen in their pants (we don’t judge) on the phone to the bank!

If you’re connected to an advisor bank staff executive staff member, you will be able to do everything you could already do with your automated service, plus paying bills, applying for a loan or IOU, ordering a new or old chequebook, opening a new account, and even changing your address! The choices are limitless! Or, rather, they are limited to that specific set of choices, which are more than enough for most customers!

Business Banking With Barclays – 0844 826 8019

If you have a business account with Barclays (please note, for a business account with Barclays you must first have a business) then you can call the customer service line for that department for help managing the account. This line is available 24 ours a day, 7 days a week, so even if you are a business that operates in the middle of the night or at weekends, you can get the help you need with the banking for your business account when you need it – a crucial help where people’s livelihoods are concerned!

Barclays can provide a wide variety of all stripes, all sizes and all configurations. If you have a business already and, up until this point, for reasons entirely your own, you were able to bank elsewhere, but you have now, again, for reasons entirely your own, decided to transfer the banking for your business to Barclays, the transfer period is 7 days – or, if you’d rather, longer. Using the telephone line for the Barlcays business accounts, you can apply for a business debit card, making the ordinary day-to-day expenses of the business an easier prospect, or can apply for a business loan, save for future investments or other expenditures, and much more. Using the business banking line, you’ve got control as easily and with as much flexibility as your current account, and can enjoy secure business banking under the Barclays Mobile and Online Guarantee – allowing you full coverage of those services in the event of fraud or hacking. Don’t leave your livelihood out to dry – banking with Barclays can protect you against the worst aspects of fraud and theft.

In addition to this, a quick call is all you need to set yourself up with anti-malware software from Barclays that can help to protect your company from hacking and other attempts to commit fraud against you. However, this immense versatility means that there is a 100% chance you’ll find yourself hankerin’ for a contact of the business banking telephone customer service line for Barclays at some point, either because of some technical issue, an irregularity in your account, failure of one aspect of the account or another, to make a transfer or payment or beg for a loan. With international experts available at the Barclays head office, you can even seek advice on trading abroad without trouble! These services are exclusive for Barclays customers – please don’t try to contact the line what does the Barclays banking for the businesses for help with the banking for your business woes if you are a customer of a different bank.

Investments and Wealth Management Services – 0844 453 0255

As a new investor, the process by which money actually converts to investments can be enormously complex – but it isn’t as bad as it looks. With the new Barclays direct investment service, the process is simplified and opened up to anyone with an interest in managing their wealth as well as possible. Completely isolated to the internet realms, the Barclays investment service gives you direct power over your stocks, keeping them how you like them – safe bets and big risks, spicy and cool. Using online Barclays banking services, you can check all your investments at once, and can easily switch money between accounts, making buying and selling uniquely easy.

Please note that investing is a possible two-way street, and that it is possible to make a loss in stocks and shares, no matter how carefully chosen. Barclays also wants you to remind yourself that investing is a process which ordinarily takes years to bear any fruits, so make sure you won’t need the money in those 5 years, and that you are likely to live longer than at least 5 years, when you are making your investment.

Once you’ve done that, shoot up the investment helpline for help with any issues you may be having. The Barclays investments contact line is manned twenty four of the full twenty four hours of a standard Earth day, measured by the time taken to complete one planetary rotation, so whenever you need access to assistance concerning your investments, you can do it. Whether you’re lying awake checking investments on the Tokyo Stock Exchange at 4am in your 4-poster bed in your mahogany-panelled mansion with Ivanka on your arm, or lying in your shared rental room staring at your phone screen, hoping for a lucky break, this service is available.

Barclays Complaints – 0843 290 7189

Should you be left upset or unhappy with Barclays for whatever reason, you can register an official complaint against the company.

To do so, simply call the Barclays customer complaints number found on this page. Manned by expert customer service gurus (see what we did there?) this line is available every single day of the year, at all hours of the day. Admittedly primarily automated, after a short funnelling experience you will be connected to the advisors at the complaints department for Barclays.

As banking complaints can be a more serious issue than retail complaints or the like, it is imperative that this line never sleeps – just like global financial banking never sleeps. Whenever you need to make your complaint, whether it is a Barclaycard-related issue, a complaint about your current account, a complaint to do with business banking, a complaint concerning a loan or mortgage, a complaint concerning transfers or payments, a complaint to do with customer service or an in-branch experience that left you with a sour taste in your mouth and a bad feeling in your bank account. No matter your reasons – which are your own, and therefore could be as petty as disliking the logo or as dramatic as losing several million to a bank error – just holler at that complaints number to be connected quickly and efficiently to Barclays staff, trained especially to deal with complaints and with quick and easy access to the rest of the head office, allowing them to rapidly connect you to experts in any field of banking, from international investment banking to current account troubleshooting and transfer specialists, experts in hedge fund management, debit and credit experts, specialists in financial management, IT, communications and counting, plus the fraud division, which is outstanding in its field thanks to particular care and investment on the part of Barclays. Fraud on an international scale is nothing to scoff at, and the actions of fraudsters can cost the customers millions: with a great fraud department, Barclays can save their customers from such a fate.

If you do call, please bear in mind that you will need to provide your details so your complaint can be adequately followed up upon, and in the event that you are eventually found to be in the right to claim compensation, so you can be notified and receive the compensation to which you are entitled. As a result, if you would rather not provide you details, you can submit a complaint anonymously either in-branch or by post or email – although you will not be able to follow-up your complaint and may not ultimately derive any benefit whatsoever from doing so.

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