Asda Grocery Late Delivery Guide

asda grocery late delivery

0843 557 2638

Asda Grocery delivery is Asda’s food & grocery home delivery service. Asda offers different passes for their deliveries to save you money. They have an Anytime 12 month pass which allows you groceries to be delivered at your desired time and day, you can pay per month or one yearly payment. The Anytime 6 month pass is the same as the 12-month pass but only for 6 months, you can also pay per month or a one-off payment for the whole 6 months.  The Midweek 12 month pass is available anytime on only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, this is also paid for with just one payment (you can not pay it monthly).  You do not have to buy a pass to have a grocery delivery from Asda you can just pay per delivery slot, the price per delivery slots differ depending on day and time.

Track Your Asda Grocery Delivery

If your Asda Grocery delivery is running late and you would like to know where it is you can use the Asda online tracker to find out where your groceries are and how long they will be. You can track your order on the Asda Groceries website by signing in, clicking on Your Order and selecting view details. There you should find the status of your delivery if there appears to be a problem you need to get in touch with Asda directly and straight away by contacting the number above.

Asda Grocery Late Delivery Contact Number

If your grocery delivery still has not arrived or it has arrived late and out of the delivery time slot that you paid for you can get in touch with the Asda grocery contact number on 0843 557 2638. Once you have called the customer care team you can inform them that your delivery has not arrived or arrived late. They will be able to find out where your delivery is or inform you of the reason your delivery was late. If they need time to investigate this they will ask for your delivery details, your account details and possibly some contacts details and they may ask to get back in touch with you.

Asda Grocery Late Delivery Compensation

If the late delivery was a large inconvenience to you and you feel you deserve some compensation for this you can call the customer care team on 0843 557 2638 and inquire about receiving some compensation for your late delivery. You will need to provide your account and delivery details and they will access how much you should receive, You could receive a refund for the whole delivery order, a refund for the delivery cost, shopping vouchers for your next purchase or another form of compensation. If you are still not happy with this, inform the team member and they may be able to offer you more.