The Top Ten Brands for Customer Service in 2016

For the first time in seven years, John Lewis has been knocked off the top spot of the UK’s Customer Service charts, falling from first to sixth when it lost 2.3 percentage points from its score. It was succeeded for the crown by Amazon, who claimed the top spot with an 86.6% score, as decided by the Institute of Customer Service’s annual survey of UK businesses.

The Institute asks 10,000 Britons to rate their experience of businesses they have dealt with in the last three months, asking for ratings on topics such as professionalism, efficiency, quality of service, timeliness, ease of doing business and complaints handling. The results are then compiled and used to determine the “best” companies for customer service in the UK.

2016’s list saw the utilities sector as a whole jump up through the rankings, with 1.9 points more overall than last year. Food retailers and insurance companies followed closely, with 1.6% and 1.5% higher scores each, while banks and financial services fell to an average of 78 points, a drop of 0.4%. Despite this, they have improved dramatically since the banking crisis!

Even though John Lewis fell out of the Top 5, it is still identified as one of the companies in the UK which provides the most consistent customer value, having stayed firmly in the top 10 of the Institute’s rankings for ten years straight, alongside food retailers Marks & Spencer’s and Waitrose.

So without further ado, the 10 best companies in the UK for customer service, and therefore the winners of the Customer Service Guru Sticker of Excellence, are:

1. – 86.6

2. Utility Warehouse – 86.4

3. First Direct – 85.7

4. Specsavers – 85.4

5. Waitrose – 85.0

6. John Lewis – 84.9

7. New Look – 84.3

8. SAGA Insurance – 84.1

9. Nationwide – 83.7

10. M&S Food – 83.5

If you have a problem, a worry or simply need some information, don’t hesitate to call these ten – they’re the best there is at what they do – and what they do is provide world-class customer service.

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