Re-called Supermarket Items: Are you Buying Potential Danger?

When you buy something from your local Asda, Sainsburys, Aldi or anywhere else you buy your food, you kind of trust it isn’t going to explode, poison or burn you, but sadly that may not be the case, as many weird and wonderful things that should never have been sold, are recalled from shelves all the time. Just recently, BBQ salmon skewers were pulled from Morrisons because their packaging failed to mention they contained milk. So if you’re lactose intolerant tucking into a piece of BBQ flavoured salmon from your local Morrisons right now, stop. Just stop. (and return to the store for a chance to give an earful and get a full refund). Hare just a few more of the recent catastrophes in edible form, that you may have just purchased from your once trustworthy local shop.

Asda Chicken and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad

Ok, anything that has been recalled containing chicken would probably start ringing consumer alarm bells. Anyone eating a salad of the chicken and sweetcorn variety from ASda, that went out of date on the 23rd April, you alarm bell should have well and truly been rung. It emerged that the pasts boxes contained Salmonella, and were all recalled.

Sainsbury’s Fromage Frais Pouches

If you fancy a bit of blue plastic with your yoghurt, then go ahead and buy these. (You can’t anymore they were recalled by Sainsbury’s in April).

Weetabix Oatabix Flakes

The popular cereal was recalled for fears that their Oatbix flakes contained pieces of soft blue rubber. Talk about organic.

Asda’s Extra Special Camembert De Pays

It may sound posh, and quite frankly delicious, but the cheese was pulled from Asda’s shelves because of the possibility it contained Listeria Monocytogenes which is basically a bacterium that can cause foodborne illness, particularly dangerous amongst vulnerable groups such as babies and pregnant women.

Iceland’s Jim Beam Bourbon Ribs

An error in the storage instructions on the packaging called for these ribs to be recalled. The incorrect storage instructions on the packet mean that if stored in this way, the product will spoil before its stated use by of March 2017.

Waitrose English Mint Sauce

The popular roast dinner accompaniment was feared to dangerously have bits of glass in the sauce and was recalled earlier this year.