O2 Reveal Happiest Cat In The UK As The New Face Of O2 Refresh

O2 have announced the winner of the industry’s first ‘cat casting’ auditions – a two year old white cat from Northampton called Lucius. Lucias has been voted the happiest Cat in the UK, and O2 will be appointing him as the face of their O2 Refresh “Be More Dog” advertising campaign.

happiest cat in the UKLucius was given the title of UK’s Happiest Cat after impressing the judges with his bright two toned eyes, soft fur, whisker length, calm temperament and warm ‘dog like’ personality. Having flashed his striking grin once again for the cameras, Lucius will soon be enjoying the good life and a year’s supply of cat food. And will follow in the paw prints of O2’s iconic ginger cat who has delighted audiences for more than two years as he learned to embrace his inner dog.

O2 are expecting Lucius to have a big fan base. Kat Ward-Smith, Head of Creative at O2, was part of the judging panel. ‘We were overwhelmed by the response for our search for the UK’s Happiest Cat. Our Be More Dog campaign has shown us that cats should not be pigeonholed as grumpy. We think Lucius’ happy winning smile mirrors the feeling O2 Refresh gives our customers as they discover that their bills have dropped because they’ve paid off the cost of their phone – saving an average of £216 a year.”

What is O2 Refresh? 

O2 Refresh is O2’s revolutionary tariff which transforms the way people buy mobile phones by separating the cost of their phone from the cost of their minutes, texts and data (To find out more about O2 refresh just call the O2 customer service phone number). The campaign aims to encourage consumers to Be More Dog, treat life like a stick and fetch! And, okay we kind of get it – Be More Dog, #lifesastick, dogs like to fetch sticks and all that carry on. We love dogs as much as the next guy, but what if you’re a cat person?

Regardless of how good O2 Refresh is, here at Customer Service Guru we still think it’s better to “Be More Cat” when it comes to getting what you want. What do you think?

Also, if you love this Cat as much as we do, check out his heart aching story here: