A New Consumer Ombudsman Is Here To Save the Day For Many Consumers

It’s now easier to get your complaint resolved thanks to a new Consumer Ombudsman service that has just been launched online.

What does the Consumer Ombudsman Service do?

Despite the stereotyped “grin and bear it” approach that Britons are known for, research suggests that Britain is actually a nation of complainers, (11% more than America). That being said, until this year there has been nothing to address this.

The new Consumer Ombudsman Service aims to take all consumer complaints, with a focus on home maintenance, improvements or installation services and retail, and will act as the next step when businesses fail to respond. It also acts as the step before taking your complaint to court, which often costs a considerable amount of money.

How it works

Raise your complaints

Before you can access the service you must first inform the company responsible of your complaint. Tell them why you’re unhappy and what you’d like them to do about it.

Gather Evidence

When contacting the company, record any phone calls and correspondence, including date, time and names of the representatives you spoke to. This can all be used as evidence when you take your case to the Consumer Ombudsman.

Give the company a chance to fix it

In order to be treated fairly you must play fair and give the company a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue. It’s always better if you can come to an agreement without intervention.

Seek help

If they haven’t granted your request and you’re still unsatisfied, it’s time to contact The Consumer Ombudsman. They will contact the company in question and attempt to negotiate a solution using the evidence that you provide. They aim to reach a resolution within 10 working days but will keep you up to date with progress.

Good news for consumersman in cape

We are happy to announce this great news to consumers, especially those who have fallen victim to shoddy customer service or faulty goods. It’s been a long time coming but now consumers with unresolved complaints won’t need to pay to go to the small claims court or make do with whatever redress they are offered. This free non-profit organisation means consumers can seek free help in resolving disputes and obtaining compensation, offering an independent resolution without the risk of legal bills and drawn-out court proceedings.

Good news for (good) businesses

Though you may think this new service will have a negative effect on businesses, this will only be the case for those who are not playing ball. Everyone else will reap the benefits of increased consumer trust. If consumers know that they have somewhere to turn should things go wrong, they are more likely to engage with businesses. However, it’s up to them to keep their end of the bargain.

Catering to the consumer

This hasn’t been the first ombudsman service launched this year. Earlier in the year the Retail Ombudsman Service was introduced to consumers. This meant that consumers could get help resolving disputes between retailers and tradesmen in the UK.

Consumers that once didn’t know where to turn now have a variety of options to choose from. The Retail Ombudsman deals with complaints regarding services and goods that are purchased from retailers or tradesman and The Consumer Ombudsman will deal with a range of complaints in the realm of energy, communications, copyright, property complaints and more.

It seems that as a nation we are catering more to the consumer, which can only be a good thing. It will force businesses to up their customer service game and deliver the very best. It will also increase consumer trust in businesses and brands if they know they can get help should anything go wrong.

So it’s onwards and upwards for both consumers and businesses – good businesses at least.

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