How To Beat The Sky Price Hikes And Haggle Your Way To A Better Deal

Bad news guys! If you’re a Sky customer, then Sky’s upcoming price hike could increase the cost of your annual bill by up to £54 per year.

That’s right, you read it correctly, the TV giant is pushing up prices for most of its millions of customers. From June 1st, anyone who signed up to Sky after September 2014 will be burned by this sudden change of heart, as well as anyone who joined before then and still in contract – which is pretty much everyone.

Luckily for those on the Sky basic package, the original Sky bundle, this won’t affect you. As for the rest, the amount your bill will go up will depend on the Sky package you have:

  • Those on the Variety bundle will now pay £30 (£2 increase)
  • Those on the Family bundle will now pay £36 (£3 increase)
  • Those with Sky Movies will now pay £17 (50p increase)
  • Those with Sky Sports will now pay £25 (£1.00 increase)
  • Those with Sky Movies and Sky Sports will now pay £34 (£1.50 increase)

However, if you don’t want to accept this cruel twist of fate, there is something you can do about it. Dig out your guts, and brush off your charm. It’s time to work on your haggling skills, because these days, you can haggle your way out of most things, if you’re good at it. Follow these tips and beat those price hikes to get yourself a cheaper deal on your Sky package.

Do your research and gather your arsenal

Before you go in there all guns blazing, it’s important to get your facts right. Research the deals and discounts that Sky and its competitors are offering, and use them as a basis of negotiation.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many Sky offers for existing customers, but note what you’re paying now and how much you will pay after the hikes, and find out about Sky offers for new customers too. You can then compare the two and use it to haggle.

You should also list any problems you’ve been having with Sky, such as slow broadband, long customer waiting times, or glitchy channels etc, and let them know. Usually, problems mean discounts. They’ll want to make it up to you to prevent negative word of mouth.

Retention, retention, retention

If you’re coming to the end of your Sky contract, once you’re armed with the details and what you want to say, you’re first task is to get through to the retention department. This department is focused solely in retaining customers, so here is where you’ll have the best chance possible to get what you’re after.

Just call the sky customer service number, and ask for the retention department. The ultimate goal here is to keep customers, so most of the time the ball is in their court.

Use charm, cheek, and chatter

You may be angry about what Sky are doing, and you’ve every right to be, but aggression and hostility won’t get you very far in the Sky Customer Service department. Be polite, ask them about their day, and throw a bit of charm in there.

Be mindful of the way you’re speaking. You can be polite yet still be firm. You may be offered a small discount at first but if you don’t agree with it, use phrases like “I need to think about…”, “What’s the very best you can do?”, “this competitor of yours can do it for less”. Remember, they get these calls several times a day so you’re not a terrible person for asking, it’s a completely normal exchange.

Stick to your guns and try not to panic

Like we said previously, they may offer you a small discount at first, but chances are it’s not the best they can do. Be firm, and ask for more.

Salesmen have some sneaky techniques. They may push you to agree to something by saying it’s a “limited time offer”, but don’t feel pressured unless you’re certain. They may even stay silent when coming to the end of a call, expecting you to fill the silence. Don’t give in. Force them to fill it with a cheaper offer.

Also, don’t panic if you feel like they’ve called your bluff, and say they’ll disconnect you. Tell them you’ll think about it, and that you’ll call them back. They won’t disconnect you.

Don’t give up until you get something

If you give it a go but get nowhere, don’t give up. Try again at another time of day. You may have called the wrong person at the wrong time, or they may have been having a bad day.

But if they’re not giving you what you want, and won’t cut the price, see if they’ll include any extras instead. Make sure you at least get something for your trouble.

Here’s the Sky customer service number. Call Sky now and see if you can beat the Sky price hike and get yourself a cheaper deal on your Sky package.