Forget ASDA price! Why more and more shoppers are choosing Aldi

Going shopping typically used to be a difficult choice between the 4 big supermarkets, particularly for a big shop, which consisted of anything and everything possible that you might need for the coming week. Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s were people’s main go to supermarkets, until the budget versions came along. Whilst Tesco and ASDA have began to compete in brand match schemes that allow the customer to compare prices over the supermarkets, none of them are succeeding in competing with German discount store Aldi, as well as rival supermarket Lidl, where the real bargains are at. Anyone who’s anyone these days will shop in Aldi, preferring brand replica’s for almost half the price in some cases, even their skincare range has been beauty approved. It seems as if there is nothing you can’t buy for a very decent price in Aldi. We’ve found some of the best reasons why you should ditch the M&S facade, and head to Aldi.

 Meat and Fish

If you’re going to save money anywhere, people are often reluctant to go with cheap meat, for obvious reasons. But Aldi promises that their offerings are completely fresh and affordable on the tightest of budgets . The Aldi Wagyu burger sent the nation into an absolute frenzy as ridiculously high quality beef started being sold for £2.99 a pack – not bad for what is known as the ‘world’s priciest beef.’ Before the highly anticipated burger came the equally as sought after Wagyu steaks – just in time for father’s day. Going for around £90 on  a restaurant menu,  these New Zealand reared steaks were going for £7.29 a pack in Aldi. This of course, saw sales rocket, and the 50, 000 that were stocked all over the UK saw them gradually selling out, store by store. This can definitely vouch for the fact that Aldi still sells high quality meat and fish, just at an extremely friendly price.

Own Brand Products

Aldi is notorious for selling replicas of own brand products (for example Heinz beans) and them having the exact same quality – for just a fraction of the price. Most of Aldi’s own brands will look cheekily similar to the originals, Quavers in yellow packaging titled ‘cheese curls’ etc, but many surveys have proven that they taste just as good, and although cheap, really do not skimp on quality. Aldi are known for having a very high quality to price ratio. Aldi have however, come under fire in the past for their adverts not showing clearly that when they match the brand prices, they are really referring to their own brands, and comparing them to famous brands that are stocked in supermarkets, leaving some consumers feeling mis-led.

They don’t just sell food…

Although the food has been praised for its greatness, there is also more to Aldi than budget own branded food. Their new ‘Lacura Caviar’ skincare range has been compared to brand costing over £100 . A Lacura Caviar day cream sells for just £6.99 and is praised no end by women everywhere. Lacura also do other basic skincare items such as face wipes and facial cleanser. Their shampoo and condition is also a winner, with L’oreal Elvive replicas for just 99p. Jumping on the back to school bandwagon, Aldi have also began to offer school uniforms for under £4 for the entire outfit (£3.75 to be exact). If the uniform is a success, this will mean that Aldi is cutting other high-street retailers by a massive 80%. Amazingly, it has already been praised for its quality in independent tests. Amongst other non-food items Aldi also stocks a range of other weird and wonderful things stocked in huge baskets in their aisles, with people hitting the slopes in their ‘ski’ range, or attending a festival in one of their budget tents. This popular range is known as the ‘special buys’ range and often differs seasonally.

It’s bloody cheap

You will probably hear a lot of people asking how Aldi is so cheap, when the quality rarely differs from that of an expensive equivalent, but we have to confirm that we are yet to find a catch. Yes the till customer service could probably be better (packing bags at speed is an essential skill) and yes the supermarket could work on its visuals when stacking shelves and presenting stock, but when you’re saving almost £70 a week on your shopping, who really cares if you have to dig to find what you’re looking for? Reports have circulated of people switching to Aldi, after doing their weekly shop at one of the big 4’s for years, and comparing how much they saved, and the results really are enough to get that Sainsbury’s shopper straight to their nearest Aldi. Why not grab a special buys catalogue and see for yourself?