Amazon Prime Day 2016: Biggest in Amazon History

A bit like the ever popular discount day ‘Black Friday’, Amazon Prime day is the one day of the year where Amazon Prime members are entitled to discount for pretty much everything on Amazon, and those that buy regularly off Amazon will know that this deal includes all manner, almost definitely even the kitchen sink. This year, it seems a lot more people were clued up to the Amazon prime day offerings, either that or everyone became Amazon Prime members this year, because sales were up a huge 60% compared to 2015 and rings great truth to the fact that everyone really does love a bargain. The overall success of the day means that we can probably rely on Amazon to pull this prime day stunt every year. *Cheers*

The main thing sold this year on Prime day was unsurprisingly TV’s, with no short of 90, 000 of them being bought from the online giant, a close second were the Amazon-branded Kindle Paperwhite e-readers, with thousands of people getting them at discount prices. America was all about the technical stuff selling nearly 20,000 pairs of headphones only three hours into the day. However, parts of Europe made huge sales on other things. Italy typically saw a huge sale of coffee capsules, apparently enough to make do a married couple for 27 years. In France and BelgiumĀ it was the sale of discounted games consoles and over in Germany it was all about the kids, toys, board games and stuffed animals. The UK on the other hand all planned their escape as they bought 600 Trunkies (children’s suitcases), and that was before most people’s breakfast time.

Websites that were pointing people in the right direction of all the best deals, found that the Game of Thrones box set series were selling like absolute wild fire (excuse the poor pun) and Amazon’s fire TV stick was also a popular choice. The Amazon fire stick works like a USB pen, just plug into the side of your TV (any TV in the house) and instantly gain access to tens of thousands of TV shows and movies. The great thing about it is that it learns what TV shows and movies you are likely to watch, buffering them beforehand so you are left with instant play on all of your must-watch entertainment. Prime day was a great opportunity to sell some of their own products in the competitive market of today, and the fire stick was definitely a popular choice.

So how much money did Amazon actually make?

Bearing in mind that all of the actual sales are based mainly on estimates, Prime day 2015 was estimated to have made $400 million in sales, and so if it was up by 60% this year, that would mean that sales were over $600 million, which is a pretty impressive figure. There are even theories that sales topped $1 billion, showing just how the popularity and demand for Amazon Prime has grown in the past year. Of course, Amazon Prime day has an ulterior motive and the reason for it’s existence isn’t purely to offer big discounts on wonderful products, it is also to get people to sign up to Amazon Prime, so that they can use the deal in the first place.The more successful Amazon Prime day becomes each year, the more subscribers they will get to Amazon Prime itself, which in the long run will benefit them massively, and will be 100% worth selling their products discounted for one day of the year. (This is of course assuming that the members that sign up, actually keep their membership and don’t just abuse it for the free 30 day trial, who? Us?! Never!). The fee for good, honest members is $99 dollars a year and with that does come a whole host of perks, including free next day delivery on selected purchases. The perks ensure that Prime members make a great deal more purchases than non-Prime members, and when standard Amazon users are purchasing something, they are always encourages to sign up to Prime, for a better shopping experience. It seems that Amazon have their revenue-producing skills down to a T, and I for one cannot wait for the next Amazon Prime day, cheap coffee capsules and a discounted Kindle? Sold already.