7 Things You Need To Know About Just Eat

Just-Eat has been the nation’s favourite way to order takeout food ever since it started out in Denmark and expanded to countries overseas. With its extensive range of local takeout places and eateries, fast food lovers have made it their first go-to stop when craving some easy feel-good food.

The company has seen massive growth in the last couple of years, with revenues rising 62% in 2014 and boasting 8.1 million active users.

But what else can we learn about the esteemed takeaway aggregator? Here are seven things you might be thankful for when you’re placing your next Just Eat order.

1. You can earn cashback with every meal thanks to TopCashback and Quidco.

TopCashback and Quidco, two of the UK’s leading cashback sites, have an exclusive deal with Just-Eat, whereby signed-up customers can be rewarded for indulging. While the return rate might not be fantastic, it still means you can be saving money in the meantime, and perhaps have enough for a couple of free takeaways each year.shutterstock_144664049

The best cashback deals are usually reserved for first-time customers, so encourage your friends to sign up too. Customers of Just-Eat can earn you 6.3% on all new orders, and Quidco calculates that the average household will earn around £40 in a year.

2. You don’t need to wait until you get home to order.

If you’re on your way home from work and are craving a pizza, there’s good news – thanks to the Just Eat mobile app (which is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone), you can now order right away and have your food timed for when you get home.

Since introducing the app at the start of 2014, Just Eat has seen its portion of smartphone users increase from 56% to 61%. Through the app, you can still have complete control over your order. Enter your postcode and choice of cuisine, and even sort the list of places alphabetically if you like.

When placing your order, you’ll still have access to custom details, such as additional pizza toppings. The app will also allow you to select your payment method – cash-on-delivery;  credit or debit card – and prompt you if you have any allergies to give the restaurant a call before ordering.

3. It’s easier than you think to get a Just-Eat discount.

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find there are a ton of voucher sites out there offering discount codes for Just-Eat customers. MyVoucherCodes, Vouchercloud, HotUKDeals and 360vouchercodes are all ones to try.

Be aware of sites that say you must pay for your order through Just-Eat before getting your discount. Also, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the discount properly. Some are for debit/credit card only; some are just for first-time customers and others may be available with selected local takeaways only.

shutterstock_1595361264. You don’t have to ruin your diet.

One of the perks of ordering with Just Eat is that you literally have access to tons of cuisines from around the world – given that they’re in your local area, of course. As well as the popular favourites like Chinese, Italian and American, one can order from some of the lesser known cuisines, such as Turkish, Caribbean or Mongolian.

But perhaps the best thing when searching for eateries is the option to search by diet or food type. Whether you’re looking for low-carb, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or just healthy meals, you can filter your results appropriately. Just-Eat will even allow you to search for specific meals, such as English breakfasts; smoothies; salads; bagels; desserts…or even roast dinners.

5. Your card might still be charged even if an order is rejected.

This is something that has bee reported by various Just Eat customers over the years, and yet it’s still something that remains to be resolved. When placing an online order with Just Eat, restaurants have the right to reject your order if your house is too far to deliver to, or they are too busy.

However, it’s worth noting that if you’ve selected ‘Pay By Card’, you’ll still likely be charged for your order even though it was not accepted. This is because Just Eat makes the transaction before orders are accepted or rejected by the restaurant.

If this happens, don’t worry – Just Eat will email you shortly afterwards to say that you’ll be granted a refund within 5-7 working days. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember this when ordering in the future, so you can have the option to pay with cash on arrival.

6. It may be cheaper to order directly from your local takeout place, rather than through Just Eat.

Some customers have reported prices for their local takeaways being higher on Just Eat than on the paper menu they have in their drawer. For this reason, its recommended you compare prices first, taking delivery charges into account, and go with the cheaper option. Remember that going to pick up your food could also save you a bit of cash.pasta shutterstock_136439594

If all else fails, you can use Just Eat as a handy directory tool for discovering new takeout places in the area.

7. You don’t have to keep filling out the same order over and over.

If you choose to create a Just Eat account, you’ll be able to save your card payment information, delivery details, previous orders and favourite takeout places all in one place. That way, you won’t have to go rummaging when you want to find that kebab house you really liked, or try and remember what it was you ordered that you enjoyed so much.

For those who are wary about storing their card details (or using cards at all), Just Eat assures its customers of absolute security when placing orders online and also has data protection software Mozz in place. Otherwise, you can just choose to pay for all of your orders with cash upon arrival.