3 Useful Companies For Shopping Internationally

If you love shopping, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be for consumers who want to shop internationally. Yes, we have ASOS, but most other foreign branded sites don’t accept payment cards from abroad and won’t ship to certain locations. This means online shoppers have to stick with what they have or turn to eBay or Amazon, which is not always the best option.

Some styles – from popular fashion and tech brands – are only ever released in certain countries too, so often we can end up missing out big time. Quite frankly it isn’t fair. There’s a world full of exciting products and fashion trends to be discovered. We shouldn’t have to be confined to our borders.

Well, thanks to these guys we don’t have to be anymore. You’re about to discover some options that will open the doors to a world of international shopping that has zero borders. Yes, really.

Big Apple Buddy

Big Apple Buddy helps non-Americans shop ‘til they drop from the big ol’ U.S.A. The company has already helped many happy shoppers around the world buy exclusive tech items, including the Apple Watch, direct from America. Popular products purchased by Brits include Alcatel OneTouch Watch, Michael Bastian Watch, Hello Sense or Soundhawk.big apple buddy

Big Apple Buddy delivers a personalized shopping experience by handling the entire process for the shopper. They source the item for the best price, check and repackage the goods upon arrival at their facility, prepare all necessary customs documentation and have the parcel safely shipped to the client in as little as 2-4 business days.

The service fee is $40 (around £25) per order, but it covers all the leg work the company does for its clients, including discount negotiations, packaging, shipping and providing personalized product and shopping advice. If you’re looking for reliability, extra care and attention, then this company is worth considering.


Don’t worry, for those in the US or UK who want to sample some of what the EU has to offer, Bongo can help you do just that. In fact, it helps you get the products you love anywhere in the world.

With Bongo, you receive a choice of Bongo Shipping addresses that you can use when purchasing from the online shops. You can track all your purchases along the way and once received, your packages are then checked and shipped to you in around 3 days.bongo

With Bongo, you have the option to consolidate multiple orders from separate stores into one international shipment, which significantly reduces cost. They also take pictures of your items before shipping them to you, so you can verify that what you’re receiving is correct. Additionally, if you have any trouble, you have the option of using their personal shopper service.

The Bongo service is priced at $5 per box plus the international shipping rate, which is calculated by the weight and dimensions of the box received at the warehouse. Although cheaper, the service you get is less thorough than Big Apple Buddy. Bongo doesn’t promise to get you the best deal on your items. It gives you an address that works, and acts as a delivery service rather than a personal shopping service.


Asia is home to some of the best beauty innovations around, as well as some of the most popular tech products. What’s more, they often come at a very affordable price.

Gmarket is a Korean invention, mainly for Koreans ordering online in Korea. However, there is both an English and a Chinese version, and they ship internationally. It’s kind of like an auction site where people and brands have their own shops, selling their own things. Unfortunately, they don’t offer all the add-ons that the other two do. Still, you can shop and pay with your credit or debit card and even Paypal, which is the most important thing.Gmarket

Owned by eBay, this online auction site is a little confusing to navigate – a lot of it is in Korean, which is easy to learn by the way, and the layout is very different to what you’re probably used to, but there are many online tutorials that show you how to use it. Once you get in you’ll find that there are a ton of bargains to be had from brands such as LAP, Tony Moly and 8 Seconds plus many more. Shipping fees will up the price a fair bit – they’re calculated based on the weight of your purchase, but start at around £10. Also, take note – sizes will be different. A medium in your country could very well be an extra large in Asia.