3 Services Your Startup Must Provide if You Want to Succeed

The old saying that fortune favors the bold may be centuries old and quite frankly a bit overused, but the fact that it stood the test of time has to say something about its veracity. If you understand that, you will also understand why the fact that only 10% of startups actually succeed should be looked upon as a good fighting chance, instead of a discouraging stat. Still, success will not manifest simply from the courage to challenge such odds. It has to be accompanied with hard work and all the right moves. Let us look than what small startups should do in order to find their place in those fortunate 10%.

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Have an Excellent Product or Service

The current state of the commerce playing field, where purchases are usually emotionally based, and vigorous marketing campaigns are the main focus of business strategies, means that the quality of the product or service tends to fall into the second plan. Still, if you look more closely, you would notice that if marketing efforts are not backed up with equally polished end product, long-term revenue and profitability will not be possible. That does not mean, of course, that quality cannot coexist with modern marketing and branding strategies. It means that quality should be the foundation upon which the branding and marketing are built. The very word ‘brand’ stands for the “promise delivered”, so succeeding by relying on false assumptions is unachievable.

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Reliable Customer Support

Quality products and services are not, however, the only method to back up your self-created public image. Because of the fact that 91% of customers dissatisfied with your customer service will not willingly engage in business with you again, the second important ingredient in your success story should be the way you treat your customers in day-to-day interaction. Essentially, reliable customer support should be based upon these three foundations:

1. Listening

In order to find out what your customers’ problems are, you and your employees will first have to become really good listeners. Although listening to customer feedback and giving them individual attention they deserve may be sufficient, we would say that you should go one step further and become proactive, seeking that feedback through polls and surveys even if immediate problems are not present.

2. Responding

Letting your customers know that their complaints and opinions are taken into consideration and that you are going to work on the solution is very important. Try giving them a deadline before which you are going to resolve the issue.

3. Serving

Essentially, this would be resolving the problem within the given deadline. Do your best to avoid giving promises you are not able to fulfil.

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Securing Customer Data

Finally, if you are to succeed you must become a reliable and trustworthy partner your clients will want to work with. According to Aeris Secure, 71% of security breaches target small businesses, and during each of them 28.765 records are stolen on average. It is obvious that you should invest a lot of hard work in preventing such occurrences. Your efforts should, however, go beyond usual security packages, especially if your business features ecommerce services. In that case, you should choose some software featuring remote support, which will allow you to quickly resolve security issues on the go. Customers’ data and money are simply too valuable to be gambled with.

Although there is no universal recipe for quick success, there are certainly some ways to raise your chances. Tackling these three issues is a good start. Establish your startup on quality, maintain good customer relationships, and create a secure commerce environment to keep your business floating even when a storm arrives.

Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant and blogger from Sydney. He is also an editor on business-oriented blog, Bizzmarkblog.com.