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Amazon Contact Number – 0844 826 8084

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Amazon

Day Opens Closes
Monday 24 hr N/A
Tuesday 24 hr N/A
Wednesday 24 hr N/A
Thursday 24 hr N/A
Friday 24 hr N/A
Saturday 24 hr N/A
Sunday 24 hr N/A
Head Office Ltd
Patriot court
1-9 The Grove
  • Business Name: Amazon
  • Phone Number: 0844 826 8084
  • Opening Times: 9am-5pm
  • Head Office Address: Ltd., Patriot Court, 1-9 The Grove, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1QP

Amazon is one of the largest and most successful online retailers (or “e-tailers”) in the world, pioneering many of the hallmark practices of the digital age. Spanning the entire world, and with a truly all-encompassing range of products, Amazon is the go-to store for any digitally-minded shopper, no matter what they need. Beginning as a retailer for electronics and other technology, Amazon quickly expanded by using its unique online business model to sell clothing, games, telecommunications, homeware, tools, books and literature, films… in short – everything! In recent times Amazon have even expanded to include fresh groceries in their repertoire. As such, you may need to call Amazon customer support for any number of reasons.

Amazon Customer Service Contact Number - 0844 826 8084

Amazon Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0844 826 8084
Head Office 0844 826 8084
Deliveries 0843 557 3372
Amazon Prime 0843 320 9598

Amazon Customer Services – 0844 826 8084

Amazon Customer Service is a world-class enterprise, comprised of many of the best and brightest in the customer service world. After all, this department needs to be able to address the concerns of customers all over the planet, dealing with issues they may be having in a phenomenal range of products and services.

The Amazon Customer Service team deals with the pressure of this incredible responsibility by specialising in a number of discrete departments, each of which has its own databases, training, specialisations, locations and protocols, dedicated to a particular section of Amazon’s repertoire and geological location.

For example, one office may be placed in Dublin, Ireland, to administer to Irish customers, and, if expanded enough, British customers as well. Within this department may be individually dedicated members of staff who deal with specific areas of Amazon’s all-encompassing product line and intensely diversified operations, allowing mere mortals to keep up with the expansion and operations of the most varied and successful retailing company in the world. Much of the process is automated – for example, in keeping with Amazon’s ethos of using machine learning and robotics to become the best retailer on Earth via the power of the machine, they can use a sort of funnelling system on their phone lines to make sure that the right customers wind up speaking to the right experts in their field, keeping everything flowing and preventing the confusion and backup caused by presenting the wrong problem to the wrong person.

You may need to call the Amazon customer service number for any number of reasons, although the company itself attempts to pre-empt the majority of these calls with quick, simple customer service solutions. For example, the most common cause of customer service interaction – a wrong, faulty or incorrect item delivered after an online order – can be dealt with quickly and easily using a simple online returns system. Simply fill in the returns form, put it in with the item that’s wrong, and send it back by post for a full refund or a replacement! This results in considerably clearer customer service lines than would otherwise be possible, and is an approach to efficiency that has earned Amazon a reputation as one of the neatest, cleanest providers or great quality customer service around.

If, however, you find yourself needing to call the customer service line, which is entirely possible and reasonable, you will be able to do so on the number listed on this page, which will direct you to the Amazon customer service department most closely matched to you by geographical area, and therefore most likely to be able to help.

Amazon Head Office – 0844 826 8084

The Amazon head office is located in Silicon Valley, USA, where it has been since it was founded in 1994 by billionaire rock-star industrialist Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon, then known as Cadabra, on the unusual premise that he did not intend to make a profit for the first five years, while its unusual business model took root in the US.

Ultimately, the plan was a good one, as Amazon overtook Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the US by 2015, and is now the most valuable retailer in the world, with an eye to staying that way.

From its head office in California, Amazon administers a worldwide empire that looks always to the future, experimenting with new ways of reaching customers, new ways of conceiving and promoting products that will improve the lives of their millions of beneficiaries, and new technologies that will revolutionise the world stage the way the E-reader, the smartphone and the unmanned drone did.

The Amazon head office is also the base of the most powerful and capable customer service department found in the entirety of the Amazon network. One of the things that makes this customer service department a step above the others is the face that it is so connected to the head office – with the push of a button, the customer service agents at Amazon can transfer any problem through to the foremost expert on such matters on the entire world stage – no issue occurs within Amazon that the Amazon executives cannot weigh in on, no problem that their experts cannot search under a fine lens and commit to the full powers of their expertise. As a result, the connection of this customer service department to the head office at Amazon has resulted in the birth of the company’s foremost and most totally effective customer facing department, with plans to expand in the future to bring this awesome power to the rest of America – and, eventually, the world.

Amazon Customer Service Contact Number - 0844 826 8084

Deliveries – 0843 557 3372

As an online-only company, Amazon enjoys a reach far beyond that of brick and mortar stores, able to stretch its long arm into any corner of the world and drop its great-quality products there. However, the reliance on delivery has long been the weakest link in its strategy for world domination.

The delivery process is fraught with peril, with the possibility for a misplaced item, or damage to be done to the product being delivered. It could result in the package going to the wrong location, being confused for another package, or not being dispatched at all. Amazon items may even be delivered to the right address at the wrong time, resulting in frustrating and confusing notes or notifications of attempted delivery. Luckily, this last eventuality can be combated with proper preparation – notifying the Amazon team of the desired course of action in the event of a failed delivery is the first step. For example, you can specify on your account that you would like your parcel to be left with a neighbour or left in a safe place, rather than the automatic recourse to a sorting office.

You can also choose non-direct delivery, like the package being left in an Amazon drop centre close to you, where you can pick it up yourself at a time of your convenience. That completely eliminates the possibility of a missed delivery and provides incredible autonomy on the customer’s part, and so it is becoming an increasingly popular option in our post-factual, self-reliant modern world.

A final, and much more exciting, Amazon delivery method is just over the horizon, as well.

In 2016, Amazon revealed its plans to deliver by an incredible new method, replacing the van, bicycle and pack mule of the past with a new courier – flying robots.

The Amazon Delivery Drone has been tested, and is currently used in a number of major cities, including London and LA, to deliver products within an hour of their order, paving the way for a future in which the robotic legions of the sky can deliver a purchase to us with mechanical efficiency, quick, easy confidence, and unprecedented speed, rendering traditional delivery obsolete and removing any need for any of us to ever leave our homes again.

Amazon Prime – 0843 320 9598

Amazon Prime is the next step up form standard Amazon customer-ship – a sort of “VIP level” of Amazon patronage which is unlocked via subscription and which provides a huge number of benefits for the customer which are otherwise inaccessible.

These benefits, which include things like discounts, access to exclusive sales, free delivery, free faster delivery, more loyalty points accumulated for future offers, and access to an Amazon Prime exclusive streaming service, are an excellent incentive to upgrade, and for regular customers or those who enjoy streaming television channels at any time, and those who live in metropolitan areas who may have need of rapid flying-drone delivery at short notice, it is certainly an investment worth considering.

Amazon Prime is also available to customers for free as part of a trial period, which allows customers to sample it and decide for themselves, once they’ve tasted the forbidden fruit, whether they want to eat the rest of it or not. However, it is advised that customers keep an eye on the time they have left on their free Amazon Prime trial period, since the service automatically ticks over into a full-blown paid subscription at the end of the trial, instead of cancelling.

This is excellent news for those customers who want to go all in for the paid subscription, but are too lazy or absent-minded to remember to apply for it before the end of their trial; but it is significantly worse news for customers who short-sightedly ordered something using their free Amazon Prime trial for free delivery and forgot to cancel it. These customers may soon find themselves paying the subscription fee for something they never really wanted, all for the sake of free delivery on an item that cost less than the subscription fee costs.

If you find yourself in a situation like that – and believe me, it’s easier than you think to get stuck in there like that – there’s no shame in it. We advise cancelling the Amazon Prime membership, unless you feel like you should go all in now that you’ve paid for it once, and then calling the head office for Amazon at the nearest possibility you get.

The staff there may be able to help – you won’t know unless you call!

For all other enquiries concerning Amazon Prime, you can call the customer service contact number listed on this page and ask your questions, report problems or issues, make enquiries, or register complaints.

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david andrew

Some timeago Amozon changed my password for my account. Please remedy this. As it is of enormous inconvenience


I have changed my password several times at Amazon request. Every time I try to log on my password is not accepted. Please can you rectify this problem for me soon? Thanks

Timothy Kevin Gill

Dear Sir/Madam…Order No205-5838059-0673102…HP J3 M81AE 301 ink cartridges..seller vandekampzndbzjh…HAS NOT BEEN RECIEVED….I have e mailed thru your e-mail service but to no avail…this item was purchased using your credit card facilities…I therefore expect a full refund of £16.99…I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR RESPONSE….ps…have had lots of items from you in the past problems at all…was completely out of ink and had to go to Staples to get some…..I hope I can see a resolvement of this issue… TK GILL


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