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0843 320 9598
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The Amazon customer contact number is available from 6am to 12 midnight every day of the week, including holidays and bank holidays.

Why May I Need The Amazon Customer Service Number?Amazon Customer Service Number

The Amazon number can be called when:

  • You need to check the delivery of a parcel.
  • You need help making an online purchase.
  • You wish to return an item purchased from Amazon.
  • You want to contact Amazon Kindle Support.
  • You have a question about Amazon additional features, such as gifts, certificates or Amazon Prime.
  • You want to enquire about getting Amazon Dash.
  • You are having problems with downloading eBooks or MP3 purchases.

Shopping With Amazon

Amazon is a major online retailer operating in several countries worldwide, including the UK and US. It supplies a range of products, including books, electronics, games, hardware, clothing and beauty accessories, food and groceries, homeware, gardening and DIY tools, office supplies, and both large and small appliances. Many products are sold from Amazon directly, but there are a number of approved Amazon sellers from which an extensive stock of products can be bought. The Amazon Customer Service team can help you if you need to contact a seller directly.

As well as offering an online shopping service, Amazon is also the creator of one the world’s most popular e-readers, the Amazon Kindle, which can be used to enjoy  books, magazines and publications whilst on the go. The Amazon online store has a wide library of eBooks and subscription services for Kindle users to download and store; as well as a choice of accessories for Kindle users.

Amazon also supplies an encompassing collection of downloadable music, as well as a Cloud Player storage service that allows customers to store their MP3 collection online for free and access it from any handheld device.

What Can Amazon Do For Me?

If you have ordered an item directly from Amazon and it has arrived incomplete, you should contact Amazon so that your delivery can be rectified. Similarly, Amazon should be contacted if the order has been insufficiently packaged and they are therefore responsible for any damage caused. They can also assist you if you no longer want your order and provide you with information about how to return it for a refund. The same service can also be applied to downloads and apps which are damaged, do not work or have accidentally been installed. Contact the Amazon customer service team if the refund is subsequently incorrect or if you are unsure whether they have received your return.

Useful Amazon Customer Contact numbers:

DepartmentPhone Number
Amazon Customer Service

0844 826 8084

Amazon Prime

0844 826 8084

Amazon FAQs

How do I make a return with Amazon?Amazon Locker returns

  • To return an item with Amazon, you just need to go online and go to the Amazon Returns Support Centre, which you can find on the official Amazon site.
  • Once there, click “Return Items” and, after selecting the order you want to send back, click “Return an item from this order.” If you don’t see the item you’re looking for, click the option saying “see more” and then “Go” to see a much-expanded list which will contain all your recent transactions.
  • Once you’ve got the item on your screen, select it and enter the quantity you are sending back, before selecting the reason for your return from a dropdown menu labelled “Reason for return” and adding any comments you want to send.
  • If the item was sold by itself, you can now select the “Return” function.
  • If it was sold by a Seller on the site, you’ll need to select “Submit for Approval” instead. Some Sellers may need to review your return request, which may take a little longer than returning something directly to Amazon. After they’ve reviewed the return request they’ll send you the return label or details you need to return the item successfully – and if they ignore your request, you can submit an A-to-Z Guarantee Claim to Amazon after three business days. For more information on A-to-Z Claims and Buying Guarantee Protection, check the Amazon official site or call our contact number on 0843 320 9598 which is open from 6am-12 midnight every day of the week. The returns protection policy offered by Marketplace Sellers applies to every Amazon Customer, so even if the seller is uncooperative, you have someone fighting your corner to ensure you get your money back.
  • Select the return method you want to use (you will be able to choose between various methods according ot their convenience and speed, such as the Amazon Locker, pictured)
  • Print your return label and the return authorisation message, which will be clearly marked for your use. If you don’t have access to a printer when you’re making the return online, you can have the label sent to you in an email to allow you to print it later or forward it to a friend who will print it for you.
  • Put the return authorisation message inside the package and attack the label on the outside, then send it off!

How do I check the status of a refund with Amazon?

To check the status of a refund requested from Amazon, go to “Your Account”, then select “Your Orders”. Click “Review Return/Refund Status” next to the order in question and the status of the return or refund will appear!

How do I exchange an item of clothing that doesn’t fit/is the wrong colour?

If you ordered an item that could normally be exchanged, like clothing or shoes, you should be able to select “Exchange” in “My Orders” over the item to have it exchanged for another. If that isn’t possible or if you received it as a gift, you can “exchange” it by returning the item and placing a new order for the one you want.

  • Find the Returns Support Centre and select “Return Items”
  • Find the item you want to exchange and follow the “Making a return” advice published above.

An exchange order using the same method of delivery as your previous purchase will be created and you can then send the item back with the generated return label. If you do this within 30 days of receiving the item, you will be able to avoid being charged for the processing fees associated with the return and exchange.

If you are exchanging your item for one of a different size, Amazon will cover any increases in price, but any other reasons for difference in price will not be covered by Amazon. If the new item is cheaper, you will be refunded the difference.

More About AmazonAmazon-Prime-Instant-Video

Amazon is today one of the most used and most respected retailers in the world. An online store, it sells almost everything that a customer could want to buy from entertainment and fashion to furniture and electronics. It began life as a bookstore, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos who wanted to participate in the internet business boom. He didn’t expect the company to succeed but wanted to make sure he had no regrets just in case.

The name derives from the idea that Bezos’ store would be “exotic and different”, as well as the fact that its founder wanted a name beginning with ‘A’ so it would appear early on in the alphabetic order.

The company has many businesses under its banner including the audio streaming service Audible, the popular movie database IMDb and the video rental and on-demand service LoveFilm.

If you have had problems ordering from Amazon call the Amazon phone number for some help. A customer service team member will be able to help you with enquiries that include missing shipments, incorrect orders, accessing your Amazon account and making a formal complaint.

Opening Hours

Phone lines are open seven days a week from 6am to 12 midnight.


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