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Why May I Need The Amazon Customer Service Number?Amazon Customer Service Number

The Amazon number can be called when:

  • You need to check the delivery of a parcel.
  • You need help making an online purchase.
  • You wish to return an item purchased from Amazon.
  • You want to contact Amazon Kindle Support.
  • You have a question about Amazon additional features, such as gifts, certificates or Amazon Prime.
  • You want to enquire about getting Amazon Dash.
  • You are having problems with downloading eBooks or MP3 purchases.

Shopping With Amazon

Amazon is a major online retailer operating in several countries worldwide, including the UK and US. It supplies a range of products, including books, electronics, games, hardware, clothing and beauty accessories, food and groceries, homeware, gardening and DIY tools, office supplies, and both large and small appliances. Many products are sold from Amazon directly, but there are a number of approved Amazon sellers from which an extensive stock of products can be bought. The Amazon Customer Service team can help you if you need to contact a seller directly.

As well as offering an online shopping service, Amazon is also the creator of one the world’s most popular e-readers, the Amazon Kindle, which can be used to enjoy  books, magazines and publications whilst on the go. The Amazon online store has a wide library of eBooks and subscription services for Kindle users to download and store; as well as a choice of accessories for Kindle users.

Amazon also supplies an encompassing collection of downloadable music, as well as a Cloud Player storage service that allows customers to store their MP3 collection online for free and access it from any handheld device.

What Can Amazon Do For Me?

If you have ordered an item directly from Amazon and it has arrived incomplete, you should contact Amazon so that your delivery can be rectified. Similarly, Amazon should be contacted if the order has been insufficiently packaged and they are therefore responsible for any damage caused. They can also assist you if you no longer want your order and provide you with information about how to return it for a refund. The same service can also be applied to downloads and apps which are damaged, do not work or have accidentally been installed. Contact the Amazon customer service team if the refund is subsequently incorrect or if you are unsure whether they have received your return.

More About Amazon

Amazon is today one of the most used and most respected retailers in the world. An online store, it sells almost everything that a customer could want to buy from entertainment and fashion to furniture and electronics. It began life as a bookstore, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos who wanted to participate in the internet business boom. He didn’t expect the company to succeed but wanted to make sure he had no regrets just in case.

The name derives from the idea that Bezos’ store would be “exotic and different”, as well as the fact that its founder wanted a name beginning with ‘A’ so it would appear early on in the alphabetic order.

The company has many businesses under its banner including the audio streaming service Audible, the popular movie database IMDb and the video rental and on-demand service LoveFilm.

If you have had problems ordering from Amazon call the Amazon phone number for some help. A customer service team member will be able to help you with enquiries that include missing shipments, incorrect orders, accessing your Amazon account and making a formal complaint.

Opening Hours

Phone lines are open seven days a week from 6am to 12 midnight.

eBooks, Apps And Digital Music May Become More Expensive Thanks To VAT Reform

April 16th, 2014

Amazon-Prime-Instant-VideoeBooks, apps and digital music may become more expensive for consumers following a recent VAT reform, unless online retailers bear the extra cost.

The VAT reform recently implemented by George Osborne in his latest budget means that large corporate retailers of digital media including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple will no longer be taxed at the reduced rate they have been used to by basing their digital content services in Luxembourg.

Here, the more attractive VAT rates have meant that up to now these companies have been taxed just three percent for digital services – much cheaper than UK’s standard VAT rate of 20 percent. However, now the VAT rules have changed, meaning that companies will be taxed based on where their consumers are located. This will mean that UK consumers can expect a more expensive UK VAT rate on all digital media they buy, unless retailers wish to accept the extra cost and retain more customers.

The closure of the Luxembourg loophole has been in the works for a while, and was implemented into European legislation in 2013 in something called Directive 2008/8/EC.

Now, Osborne has simply announced the enactment of this law in the UK via this year’s Finance Bill, which was announced at the end of last month. Whilst the change may help to ‘level the playing ground’ for national retailers, it is likely to make things more difficult for small businesses who will need to collect and monitor a wide range of tax rates.

Amazon plans to ship customers orders before they are placed

January 21st, 2014

It sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? When you are the largest online retailer in the world and you have other competitors constantly biting at your heels every second of the day, you do of course need to think of some outlandish tactics to stay one step ahead. Amazon have done exactly this by announcing their intention to ship customers orders before they are even placed. How? Well, the plans were first revealed by the Wall Street Journal in December 2013 in a patent filed by Amazon which named the plans ‘anticipatory shipping’ using customers data to predict what customers will choose to buy. The plans outlined how the e-commerce website could close the gap even further between customers placing their order and it being delivered to them. By using several different forms of customer data, such as wishlists, the contents of a basket, previous orders and even how long a customer hovers their mouse cursor over an item, Amazon believe that they will be able to figure out what you want to buy before you do. Items that are identified successfully by the scheme will then begin the shipping process and may even be shipped to an address. The retailer also intends to use partial addresses, a somewhat ‘halfway house’ between the Amazon warehouse and a customers home. These partial addresses will most likely be local shipping depots and warehouses.

So, will it work? Well of course the scheme is likely to have a few teething problems, namely customers not wanting what has been shipped out to them after all, but only time will tell.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to launch Donald Trump into space

December 8th, 2015

After Donald Trump launched a series of seemingly-unprovoked attacks on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, claiming that he used the Washington Post to shelter Amazon from paying tax, Bezos responded with an unusual offer…

Amazon Launch Trump into Space

In response to the accusation that The Washington Post was nothing but a “scam” that was saving “no-profit” Amazon, Bezos posted his fourth-ever tweet to respond, by saying he would “reserve [Trump] a seat on the Blue Origin Rocket”. Launching someone into space has to be a good way to resolve conflict, especially with the likes of Trump.

Amazon Send Trump to Space

Within hours, #sendDonaldtospace had taken off, with millions of tweets asking Bezos to please, please send the much-maligned Republican presidential hopeful into the cold, endless void of space.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post published an article on Trump’s foaming rage against it, noting that it is not owned by Amazon at all, but rather by Bezos’ holding company, Nash Holdings, the same way Amazon is, and they have no tax interactions at all.

Bezos still aims to use the Blue Origin reusable rocket to make commercial spaceflight a realistic possibility in the very near future, opening up opportunities for space tourism, easy satellite deployment and maintenance, efficient long-range shipping, and many other industries.

Outdoor Outfitters L.L. Bean Pip Amazon To The Customer Service Post

April 14th 2016

Amazon has just lost out for the second year in a row to outdoor outfitters L.L Bean in Prosper Insights & Analytics customer service champions list announced September 2015. The online giant does, however, still prove to have extremely high valued customer service, and winning second place will no doubt motivate them to improve it even more in a bid to gain this year’s top spot. The top 10 scorers, determined by a write-in vote by US consumers were L.L Bean,, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Land’s End, REI,, JC Penney, QVC and Macey’s. The decision was based on its size in annual revenue’s, as well as its fan base.

New Additions

There is no doubt that Amazon is renowned for its customer service, keeping consumers happy by creating a secure online experience. With the creation of Amazon Prime, which offers members free shipping and unbeatable pricing, Amazon has a way of pleasing customers over the internet. Although based online, their quick, effective responses to issues have also been noted.

Sharing the Knowledge

Recently, there have also been cases of companies using Amazon in an attempt to boost their own credentials. The ‘Amazon Cable Store’ sells Comcast’s CMCSA, +o.37% xfinity-branded bundles. When talking about sealing the deal with Amazon, the cable division’s president Neil Smitt said ‘they helped us in our thinking about how to simplify the experience and just make it clean.’ An example of this was reducing Comcast’s number of clicks required by the customer to produce a transaction.

It seems Amazon have it covered when it comes to customer service, are they proof of a continuous growing trend to shopping online and the traditional ‘service with a smile’ being a thing of the past?

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