Addison Lee Phone Number

0843 596 3161

Why phone Addison Lee?addison lee customer service phone number

Addison Lee can be called to:

  • Arrange for the delivery of a parcel
  • Inquire about pricing or get help with planning a journey
  • Make a complaint about Addison’s service
  • Find out more about Premier VIP travel
  • Set up or cancel an Addison Lee account
  • Make a booking for any of Addison’s minicabs, coaches, taxybikes or other vehicles

What Is Addison Lee?

Addison Lee is one of the largest minicab companies in London, UK, offering comfortable, stylish and reliable transport options to thousands of customers within the country’s capital. Book one of Addison Lee’s minicabs, taxybikes, coaches or private jets for an unforgettable transport experience, dedicated to ensuring you arrive at your destination on time and in comfort.

As well as transport services, Addison Lee also offer a reliable courier service, with next day, same day and international delivery options to ensure those important deliveries arrive on time.

Businesses and individual customers can choose to open up an Addison Lee Priority Account, enabling them to enjoy perks such as ten minute priority pick-ups and guaranteed cars at all times. They can also look forward to enjoying fixed price journeys no matter the route; a 30 day credit facility and a dedicated client services team. Phone the Addison Lee contact number to find out more.

Background of Addison Lee

Addison Lee is a family run business which was founded in 1975 by co-founder John Griffin. It started in Battersea with just one car but rapidly grew. It currently operates a fleet of 4000 vehicles and brings in revenue of around £200 million each year. It carries over 10,000,000 passengers and delivers over 1,000,000 parcels every year. Alongside its private hire operator for minicabs throughout London, it also runs a private coach company comprised of a fleet of around 100 coaches of various sizes.

The company makes use of a very sophisticated I.T system to deliver highly responsive and streamlined service, which enables it to manage a large number of drivers and jobs simultaneously and to an impressive standard. Technology used includes driver PDAs, GPS tracking and text messaging. Addison Lee has used technology to reduce their emissions, this had led to a number of awards including  the Energy Saving Trust’s Best Large Private Sector Fleet award. The private hire taxi company is also a part of Boris Johnson’s Green500 initiative.

Last year (2013) private equity company, Carlyle Group bought Addison Lee for £300 million. The Carlyle Group have big plans to expand the company into cities and towns outside of London as well as developing the company internationally.


Addison Lee recently gained some free publicity from boy-band One Direction who mentioned them in their song Midnight Memories when they sang “..way too many people in the Addison Lee…”. As a thank you for this Addison Lee gave them one year of free rides in their cabs.

Addison Lee Bring Out New App To Compete With New Taxi Firms
 January 2nd 2015

The significant rise of taxi firms with apps, such as Uber and Hailo have undoubtedly transformed the outdated notion of ‘calling a cab’. However great this is, it’s also put a lot of pressure on existing taxi firms in city centres like London. So much so, that Addison Lee, a giant in the London taxi market have had to up their game.

They’ve responded to this increase in competition by creating their own app. This has surprised commentators, as most thought that they would try to compete on price. When asked about how Uber has disrupted the industry, with its on-demand taxi services. They responded by saying:

“…The truth is we have been doing exactly the same for far longer…we have serviced Londoners for over 40 years with a breadth of knowledge and experience unmatched by anyone globally”

Addison Lee are ready to go head-to-head with the likes of Uber. They say they are a slightly different company to theirs and that the shake up in the market is exciting because it keeps everyone on their toes.


Uber Puts Pressure On Addison Lee Sale
November 3rd, 2014

The rapid ascent of the Uber taxi app in the UK has put a spanner in the works over the planned sale of Addison Lee after potential bidders questioned the impact that it could have on the long term future of the company. The concerns highlight the effect of Uber which has expanded massively over the last year or so.

The private equity firm, Carlyle Group, which wishes to sell Addison Lee after it got a controlling stake in the business two years ago has already shortlisted some bidders. However, despite the strong performance financially of Addison Lee under the group’s control, several transport operators who were originally thought to want to put in a bid decided against doing so because they were uncertain about the disruptive impact of Uber.

Carlyle Group has declined to comment on the sales process at this time. The Chief Executive of Addison Lee dismissed the impact of Uber, saying that they were simply a company who had taken different areas of the market and ‘cobbled it together in a very neat package’, calling them a ‘technology company’ rather than a serious competitor.

Addison Lee faces off in taxi wars

January 22nd 201

There are so many ways to travel around London- the Tube, the bus or just walking around. However, Londoners hail over 450,000 cabs every day, so taxis are big business. Addison Lee have been the frontrunner in the London minicab trade for several years now, with an impressive fleet of over 4000 cars- not just taxis, but limousines too. Recently there have been some new competitors hoping to steal Addison Lee’s crown. Simply type ‘Taxi London’ into your app store and you will be met with a flurry of apps from firms like Addison Lee, Uber and Hailo amongst others, all desperately competing to be the one you order your taxi from. January is one of the busiest times for London taxi firms, with the bad weather, the start of the working year and the beginnings of London Fashion Week meaning that everyone wants a taxi and they want it immediately. Luckily, getting that taxi you so desperately need has never been easier, you don’t have to trouble yourself by standing out in the rain, you can simply bring up an app and swipe the screen and it will be on its way to you. In such a competitive industry, taxi companies are facing off against each other in things like response times, fares and using the latest technology to win over customers.

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